Official Shots

Our official photos are by John Spence.

You can see preview versions and order prints online at his website. Go to this page, select our names in the drop-down box and click "Open Album". Then use the password “realale” (without the quotes) and click login.

Others from Friends and Family

Many of you had cameras and took some great shots which we have published here. Thanks for sharing them with us. Follow the links on the left to see them.

3D Gallery!

We recommend using Cooliris to look at the pictures. It is a great addition to IE/Firefox/Safari, especially if you use Google image search, Picasa, Flickr or many other picture based sites.

Your Pictures

If you have any pictures or video clips, please get in touch. We won't put them on the site without your permission.

Most pictures have been reduced in size/quality to fit on our site. If you want a high quality version of any of them, please let us know.

If you are in any picture that you would prefer not be to on the site, please get in touch.